Maintenance tips for your Powerboat

A major way to prolong the lifespan of your powerboats Sanford FL is through regular maintenance. No matter the frequency at which you use your powerboats in Sanford FL, maintenance is very important for your powerboats. Check out some useful tips below to keep your boat in good shape throughout the whole season.

Bottom paints

These are special boat paints that are formulated to keep any growth on your boat at a minimum. The bottom paints are of two types; hard and ablative paints.

Advantages of maintaining your powerboat’s Bottom paint

Maintaining your bottom paint will not only make your boat run smoothly, but it will also enhance its fuel efficiency by elimination of fouling which causes drag.

Bottom paint maintenance Tips

  • Ablative paint should not be scrubbed because it cannot withstand intense scrubbing.
  • A soft rag is the best for cleaning


These are special boat paints that are formulated to keep any growth on your boat at a minimum. The bottom paints are of two types; hard and ablative paints.

Benefits of maintaining Zinc

To avoid damage to more valuable metals, it is better to replace your zinc regularly. This is essential to safeguard the metal component of the Engine and hall.

Zinc maintenance Tips

  • Hull zinc needs to be screwed always
  • Tighten the screw with a finger and not a machine
  • It should be appropriately tightened to have a good contact with the valuable metal component to avoid corrosion of the adjacent metal


Fluid is the lifeblood of engine maintenance. Fluids help keep all engine component adequately lubricated for smooth functioning.

Advantages of Fluid maintenance

Your engines will run as effectively as possible if the fluids are kept clean and maintained at the right level. Most times, engine wears occur as a result of dirty fluid circulating through the vital component.

Tips for fluid maintenance

  • Have a maintenance log that will help you detect small leaks before they escalate
  • Take cognizance of the number of times you replace your fluid. If the frequency of replacement rises suddenly there may be a leak somewhere.


Propellers are an essential part of powerboats in Sanford FL that makes movement possible.

Benefits of maintaining your propeller

The efficiency of your engine performance can be improved by making sure you have a balanced propeller.

Maintenance tips for your propeller

To enhance the durability of your propeller, it is important to choose a high-quality material. List of different kinds of propeller materials according to their cost, strength and their merits and demerits

  • Plastic and composite material propellers
  • Aluminum propellers
  • Stainless Propellers
  • Bronze propellers
  • NIBRAL (Nickel, Aluminum, Bronze) propellers

Sea Strainers

Sea strainers help sieve out particulate from gaining entrance through the intakes of powerboats in Sanford FL.

Merits of maintaining your sea strainers

Washing down your clogged sea trainer will boost the performance of your boat’s cooling system and consequently prevent overheating of your velocity powerboat engine.

Handy tips for maintaining your Sea trainers

  • Remove all dirt, debris and other obstacles that clogs your sea strainer regularly
  • Keep a close watch on your temperature gauge
  • Be aware of the average running temperature of your velocity powerboats in Sanford FL.
  • If the temperature keeps rising, the first part of your cooling system to check is the sea strainer.

For effective routine maintenance of your powerboats Sanford, FL, contact Velocity Powerboats.