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Hydrodynamic Technology

Over the years many manufacturers have designed steps into the bottoms of their hulls. This was done to ventilate the bottom and reduce drag. This is an effective method however it was done to compensate for what the hull lacks in efficiency by design. Adding steps has its drawbacks with ill-mannered handling and control issues. With over 42 tested years of race experience we have not found the need to ventilate our bottom.

Our Hydrodynamic Technology is actually very unique and different. All parts of the integrated design with the transom, chines, strakes and keel allows us to hold 3 current World Speed Records with the same weight and horsepower specs. To be able to do that the boat must be extremely safe, must track perfectly and allow for accurate steering responsiveness of the boat at higher speeds.

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Velocity Powerboats


Our race proven hulls mean you can go faster and farther with less horsepower. This equates into better fuel economy. Or if you truly like to Get to the fish fast! you can. Our hulls handle more horsepower than any boat in its class. We don’t just say it, we’ve done it with 14 World Speed records, 7 National Championships and 8 World Championships.


Our boats ride better than any other in class due to our design. Proven by experience in offshore rough water conditions, we’ve learned over the years how to design the most efficient hull that can take a pounding. Featuring a special chine and keel ratio our boats deliver the ride of a much larger boat, and cut down the chop providing a smooth ride. Others try to do this with a heavy hull. An improper designed hull just hits the water harder and requires more horsepower.


Safety & Acceleration

Our hulls are designed to give you minimum bow rise with the special way we use angles toward the stern of the boat, making visibility very safe when powering up and gets you on your way quickly.

Lifetime Warranty

All our boat models are built with vacuum bag/infused no wood technology. This ensures that your boat will last a lifetime with no wood rot and is covered by a limited Lifetime Warranty.


Our hull technology is designed to give you minimum bow rise by using angles toward the stern of the boat, making visibility very safe when powering up and gets you on your way quickly. The hydrodynamic non-ventilated design ensures the boat will not violently spin out but rather turn on rails.