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Velocity Powerboats
Velocity Powerboats

Velocity Powerboats was developed 45 years ago from the skills, dreams, and ambitions of our original founder. Today, Velocity Powerboats has the same passion and commitment to excellence that it had 45 years ago.

Located at our new 20,000 square foot facility in Sanford, Florida, the company has invested heavily in research and development in new designs and molds. Our new fish and dive boat models have diversified the product line beyond our world recognized performance boats. The innovative hull designs use Velocity’s hydrodynamic technology enabling our boats to plane quicker, reach higher top speed, and turn on the dime while maintaining general stability and overall safety. Because of our superior hull design and efficient, light-weight infusion construction, Velocity Powerboats are the fastest, safest, best handling boats in the industry. Features like Comfort Helm™, color fabric, and adjustable windshields has Velocity leading the industry in continued innovation. The construction of a Velocity Powerboat is one of the most advanced in the industry and consists of infusion vacuum-bonded lamination and linear core. We offer optional Kevlar, S-Glass, and Carbon Fiber construction materials, and use the best Vinylester and G.P. Resin available making each boat ultra-light and super-strong backed with a limited lifetime factory warranty.

Whether your interests are pleasure boating, fishing, scuba diving, poker runs, or racing professionally, we have a boat to fit your need. Once you choose a Velocity boat, you’re in for the best boating of your life. Velocity integrates all the features you like best in a smart, versatile design that’s as practical as it is beautiful. Each and every one of our dedicated employees is committed to excellence, and it shows in each detail of every boat we produce. Long after your purchase, we’ll continue to provide customer-focused service through our area dealerships, service centers and the technical experts who work at our Sanford, Florida headquarters.