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Things Every Boater Should Know

Things Every Boater Should Know

Things Every Boater Should Know

If you own a powerboat Sanford, FL, you should not set out on open water without having basic knowledge about certain things ranging from mechanical knowledge about your powerboat, safety knowledge, rules on owning a powerboat amongst others. If you would like to know these things, continue to read this article.

1. How to fix and maintain the outboard motor.

Although, fixing your outboard motor is better done by a professional small engine mechanic or outboard motor professional. Once your outboard motor is up and running, you only have to ensure you keep it in working order by using gasoline that does not contain ethanol. This will ensure the longevity of your engine and make it run more smoothly.

2. What safety gear do you need?

To boat safely in Florida, you must have some safety gear onboard your boat at all times otherwise you will be fined. The requirements vary for different sizes and types of boats. These safety gear you must have include Personal Safety Equipment, Boat Safety Equipment, Navigation Equipment, and Distress Equipment. Some of the items include floatation devices and lifejackets, bailing device, buoyant heaving line, bilge pump, life buoy, sound-signaling devices, flares, fire extinguisher, ax, radar reflector, re-boarding equipment, watertight flashlight, etc. It may look like a whole lot; therefore, you should check your type of boat to be sure about what exactly you need to have on board.

3. How do you get your Florida boating license?

You need to apply, take the test and pass the test.

4. Do you need boat insurance?

Technically, for your powerboat Sanford, FL, boat insurance is not a must or a requirement, but it is not a bad idea to have. If you have a very expensive powerboat, it is only sensible to have insurance for it.

5. Do you need a pleasure craft license?

A pleasure craft license is almost the same with your boating license except that your pleasure craft license is a unique number that belongs to a particular boat. It can be likened to having a license plate for a boat.

6. What are the alcohol rules?

If you love to drink from time to time, ensure you check the alcohol rules as they pertain to boating. Before getting on the water, ensure you keep your alcohol level to a minimum to avoid any fines or sanctions.

7. What do you do in a storm?

Storms happen, and nobody wishes to be caught in one, but it is better to be prepared than to be caught off-guard. First off, never boat in bad weather so you do not get caught in a storm that will lead to an accident. Getting on a powerboat Sanford, FL should be a safe thing to do. So, plan your boating trips and stay safe.

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