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Top 5 Accessories and Gear to Have on Your Powerboat

Top 5 Accessories and Gear to Have on Your Powerboat

Top 5 Accessories and Gear to Have on Your Powerboat

After buying the powerboat of your dreams, the next thing to think about is getting some accessories and gears for your boat. Some accessories are required by law for your boat while the others are recommended to make your experience better. There are also some gears that are useful to have. When exploring state lines with your powerboat in Sanford FL, make sure you check that you are in line with the requirements of the state that you are travelling to.

Here are some of our top picks of accessories and gear to have on your powerboat in Sanford FL.

1. Lifejackets

The important of this cannot be overstated for obvious reasons. You are required by law to have 1 lifejacket on your boat for each passenger. It is good practice to make sure you have enough lifejackets to match the maximum number of passengers that your boat can carry. This way, you are always compliant with this legal requirement no matter how many people you have onboard. The most common style of life vest is the foam core, 3-4 buckle lifejacket. This type is comfortable, easy to store, cheap and highly effective. If you want to spend a little more, go for neoprene vests which are sportier.

2. Throwable life preserver

This is also a legal requirement to have in case there is a passenger overboard. The life preserver can either be a ring or a cushion. They can also be used as decorations. Most life preservers have a foam core which makes them extremely buoyant. You can even use them as a seat cushion.

3. Fire extinguisher

Any powerboat in Sanford FL is required to have this in case of fires. Depending on the size of your boat, there are many types of fire extinguishers you can have on your boat. Consult with an experienced powerboat owner to know what model works for your boat. Most boats have a fire retardation system but it is still important to have a handheld fire extinguisher onboard.

4. Horn

Most boats come with factory fitted horns but in the event yours does not have one, you should get an air horn to help notify other boats of your presence. Air horns are nice and extremely important when you have an emergency.

5. First Aid Kit

Accidents could happen onboard so it is good to have a first aid kit on your powerboat. When you are far away from a clinic and need to take care of a medical emergency, your first aid box is your first line of defence. It allows you to treat minor issues and continue to enjoy your day out in the water. You can also pack extra stuff in your first aid box depending on your peculiar needs like allergies and health conditions.

Enjoying your powerboat in Sanford FL can be dependent on having these accessories handy when you’re setting off on a boat ride. Have them and you are sure to have a great time relaxing and having fun.