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Best Boating destinations in Florida

Best Boating destinations in Florida

Best Boating destinations in Florida

With the highest number of registered boats in the USA and easily over 100,000 boats plying the waters any given day, Florida is the undisputed boating capital of USA (we like to think the world). We know everyone thinks their ‘home waters’ are the best but we are about to highlight what we feel are the top boating spots in Florida in no particular order:

1. Miami Florida

The city in the sun attracts visitors from all over the world for the weather, beaches, shopping and partying but there is one more undeniable wonder – the waters. With over 300 miles of inland waterways, Miami has so much to offer those who want to fish or those seeking the adrenaline experienced when one of our Power Boats in Sanford FL if moving over the waters. Miami gives the best of both worlds as you explore the waters well enjoying the vast tourist offerings.

2. Pensacola Bay

This is a city with a long tradition of sailing with beautiful beaches and some of the best deep-sea fishing this side of the world. With endless miles of white sandy beaches, Pensacola presents one of the most exotic scenic views for a boating experience. Outside of the water, this city has a vibrant art and food culture providing loads of places to visit and eat during your time away from the water.

3. Florida Keys

With 300 square miles of beautiful ocean water and hundreds of island, the Keys holds some of the best boating destinations in the area. Whether you want to fish, use jet skis, snorkeling, dive or power boat, this is the place for you. Each island is said to have a distinct personality with reefs and hidden shipwrecks to explore.

4. Sarasota

With over 35 miles of beaches harboring shallow ocean waters and six barrier islands, Sarasota makes it to the list. Sarasota ranks high on the top boating locations because, in addition to the boating appeal, it is regarded as one of the great living paradises for boaters. This area has a vibrant art culture with numerous theatres, ballets, art museums, musical events and more. With loads of sunshine, great fishing, and beautiful beaches, a boater couldn’t ask for more.

The only thing left to do is pack your bags and get in touch with us for an unforgettable experience with your power boat in Sanford FL.