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4 of the Fastest Boats Ever Built

4 of the Fastest Boats Ever Built

4 of the Fastest Boats Ever Built

For more than 42 years people have been getting their power boats in Sanford, FL. from Velocity Powerboats, and they have seen some high-speed boats come through their facility. They admit, however, that they have not seen the fastest boats in the world. Here are some boats that have set amazing records.

Spirit of Australia

This wooden speed boat was constructed in the backyard of Ken Warby. The boat is powered by Westinghouse J34 jet engine that was originally used to power fighter jets. On October 8, 1976, Warby set the world record for a speed boat going 317.6 miles an hour near Blowering Dam near Tumut, New South Wales, Australia. As of 2019, Warby is busy constructing a new boat that he believes will break his record that has stood almost as long as Velocity Powerboats has been selling power boats in Sanford, FL. This time, the new boat will be driven by his son proving that boating as a family is a great way to stay connected.

Bluebird K7

The Bluebird K7 set seven world speed records as the fastest hydroplane. It was driven by Donald Campbell on December 31, 1964, when it set its final record of 276.33 miles per hour. Donald went on to try one more time in 1966, but a catastrophic accident happened costing him his life. The boat was recovered in 2010. The boat was returned to the water in August 2018, but the crew did not attempt to set any speed records. Instead, they cruised along at 150 miles per hour.


One of the fastest catamarans in the world is the Fujin. This boat is named after the Japanese wind god has gone more than 32 knots. The 66-foot catamaran is owned by former Microsoft executive Greg Slyngstad. In February 2018, the boat when over when it was hit by 40-knot winds. A lobster boat saved the crew who had scrambled onto the upside-down catamaran’s hull and towed the boat eight hours back to land. Greg says that the boat is back to racing form and is ready to compete with additional modifications.

Vestas Sailrocket 2

If you picture a lazy day sailing slowly across the waters when you think of a sailboat, then do not climb onboard the Vestas Sailrocket 2. This sailboat has set world records for going 75.3 miles per hour over 1,600 feet with a peak speed of 78.26 miles per hour. This sailboat has also set a world record for sailing a mile at over 68 miles per hour.

If you are looking for a powerboat of your own, then make sure to check the inventory at Velocity Powerboats. They have over 40 years of experience helping boaters build the boat that is perfect for them. They are thrilled to help all types of boaters regardless if you are looking to go scuba diving, on poker runs or looking to top powerboat speed records.