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Understanding What Pure Velocity Is

Understanding What Pure Velocity Is

Understanding What Pure Velocity Is

The year 1976 started with our race hulls entering into record speeds and unmatched velocities. Real “velocity” is what made our three, World-Speed Records possible and fun. What you must consider is the scientific difference between speed and velocity. You could be destined for disaster if your sole focus is just to go fast. We had some tough lessons to learn as we built our power boats in Sanford, FL.

Almost any Boat Maker Can Achieve Speed

What velocity achieves, instead, requires a special touch. It requires a destination and for your focus to be on it. Losing that focus and momentum takes you off course, and losing trajectory reduces your velocity. If you can’t measure your positioning, then you can’t maintain velocity based on the laws of physics.

We each know that the shortest distance to any destination is in a straight line. What boat makers, who focused on speed only, struggle with are the nuances of inertia, air, and water. There are always elements present that can take you off track. An effective boat, instead, gets you to your destination through the shortest possible path.

This is what velocity does; you can then boost its work with the speed of a high-performance engine. Such is only possible once you master your trajectory. Don’t limit yourself to thinking of speed solely; think also of how you’re going to harness speed.

Performance and What That Means

The velocity a vessel achieves isn’t by accident. Craftsmanship, love, and attention will each perfect a hull until it’s ready to get sealed and painted. Think of some of these goals that you want to achieve:

  • Planning Quicker

    The faster that planning occurs, the sooner that you’ll get your boat into an ideal position for top speeds. You’ll soon discover VELOCITY’s hulls as having a taper to balance weight on, to push water aside from, and to smoothly glide with.

  • Sharper Turns

    Control is a key component in sustaining velocity as your boat moves. Having these features, to make a sharp turn possible with isn’t about irresponsible boating. Once you have a trajectory set, the sensitivity of your turns helps you to stay under control.

  • Greater Safety

    In moving toward one destination, it’s important that everyone with you feels safe. What constitutes a thrill ride for you isn’t always exciting for your passengers. From deep-bucket seats to sturdy handrails, there’s a lot for you to customize.

Design, Style, and Utility

True boat engineering allows us to craft the lines and shapes of a hull with velocity in mind. Having utility means that you can get rapid speeds into fishing boats or maximum comfort from a sports vessel. A mix of carbon fiber and a special blend of Kevlar create panels that are strong but lightweight in every model.

It helps that we can adjust the shapes, sizes, and patterns of all the materials that we use. No project must be alike, and each vessel is made with your objectives in mind. Come see us about our power boats in Sanford FL today at Velocity Powerboats or give us a call at 386-679-5682.