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Five ways to protect yourself from Storms while Sailing

Five ways to protect yourself from Storms while Sailing

Five ways to protect yourself from Storms while Sailing

It is not uncommon for sailors to run into a storm at some point while sailing the open water. Therefore, it is very important you know how to maneuver your powerboats Sanford fl whenever storms arises. Here are the five ways to keep safe in the event of storm.

Locate the right Port

You should try to locate a port if you have prior notice. You should not that some port are more dangerous than staying in the middle of open sea therefore, you should be cautious when locating the port. A safe port will always give the powerboats Sanford fl good anchorage.

A good port will have mountains and cliff around it with a good holding. When you locate the right port, the powerboat should be docked and the chain should be slacked a little to accommodate the damping effect associated with the holding.

In situation where you cannot locate a safe Port, the first option to be considered is outrunning the storm. When you know the direction of the storm, it will be easier to engage the Powerboats Sanford fl in a speed that is fast enough to run past the storm.

Move to the Calm side of the storm

If the only option you have is to run out of the storm, you need to locate the clean side of the storm. This is the side that is characterized with the weakest winds and the lowest waves. It is sometimes hard to locate this side but it is often counterclockwise from the leading edge of the storm.

Avoid Objects

You must stay clear of objects during the storm. To ride out of the storm safely, you must maintain a clear distance from any object. Typical objects in this situation include rocks, lighthouses, ships, buoys and many others.

Small objects like a buoy can become a major hazard when a speeding powerboat runs into it. Apart from the damage to the boat, it can also make a person unconscious thereby, sweeping the people overboard.

Adequate preparation and training

It is very essential for those who plan on sailing outside of a bay or inlet to get prepared for emergency situation. This will endow them with the required skills to control the Powerboats Sanford fl when storm arises in the middle of the water. Also, the training will give them confidence necessary to speed out of a huge storm like hurricane.

Sailors are advised to undergo lifeguard training and first aid certification in addition to their sailing skills.

Be watchful and keep a clear head

To survive any dangerous situation, your head must be clear. The situation becomes worse when you panic. Sailors should note that, the chances of fatality increases abruptly once they can no longer keep a clear head.

It is therefore very important not to panic and to keep a watchful eye, making sure that everybody in the powerboats in Sanford FL is accounted for during the storm.

Velocity powerboats in Sanford FL are built with the ability to run at a very high speed which can be of great advantage when caught up in a storm. Call us today for a free consultation.