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Why Velocity Power Boats is Your One-stop Solution

Why Velocity Power Boats is Your One-stop Solution

Why Velocity Power Boats is Your One-stop Solution

There is nothing more refreshing than being able to spend a day boating. It is a fun activity that you and your whole family can enjoy together. If you enjoy boating, you will need a boat that's fast, easy to maneuver, safe, and one that will require minimal maintenance. Whether you're fishing, cruising, racing, or if you want to go a casual outing with your family, there is nothing more important than safety. You want a boat that will function efficiently and provide optimal stability, which is why you should choose Velocity Power Boats.

What Sets Velocity Power Boats Apart?

Velocity Power Boats is a premier boat-builder that has been in business for more than 40 years and continues to produce high-quality fish and sport boats. Workers build them in a 20,000 square foot facility, located in Sanford, Florida. The company is continually innovating and improving their operations to improve speed, comfort, safety, and efficiency. They produce the highest quality power boats on the market.

Velocity Power Boats continues to outperform many industry leaders holding 14 world speed records and seven national championships. Each power boat is designed to produce faster speeds using less horsepower, which increases fuel efficiency. The specially designed hulls are designed to handle the high horsepower. Their patented technology provides minimum bow rise and increased visibility. Velocity Power Boats also feature a hydrodynamic non-ventilated design adding stability and reducing the likelihood of the boat spinning violently out of control.

Velocity Fishing Boats

The company produces fish boats including their Bay series. The boats use less horsepower. They also feature multiple bait wells, added storage, and a tackle station. Options are available for deep-sea fishing or fishing on your favorite stream.

High-Quality Construction and Repairs

Velocity Power Boats in Sanford, Florida, is a company known for its fine craftsmanship, speed, and durability. Their boats are made using the finest materials, like vinyl ester, G.P resin, and carbon fiber, allowing each boat to be lightweight and durable. Each boat can be customized entirely and upholstered to your liking, along with receiving a custom paint job. Besides manufacturing, the company will also perform any repairs that need to be done, including canvas work, cabin- re-upholstery, upgrades, or fiberglass repairs. All the boats come with a lifetime warranty and are made to withstand harsh conditions, which will prevent the wood from rotting. They'll reupholster your boat seats, install new headliners, repair cushions, fix engine hatches, refinish sun decks, and will customize your boat cover or bikini top.

They will also service or perform repairs on your engine if it ever needs to be serviced. Known for their renowned versatility, Velocity employees are familiar with a variety of different engine makes and manufacturers. Velocity Power Boats in Sanford, Florida, also has access to a plethora of Mercury certified pre-owned parts, which will help save you money.