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Five Tips for Naming Your Boat

Five Tips for Naming Your Boat

Five Tips for Naming Your Boat

Did you know that it is actually considered bad luck to change the name of your boat?   This means that once you've chosen a boat name, it should stick with your forever.  Not to add any pressure, but this makes naming your boat a huge decision that shouldn't be taken lightly.  When you buy a boat, whether it be sailboats, yachts, pontoons, or power boats in Sanford, FL, you'll want to choose a name that reflects your emotions, lifestyle, and sentimentality.  There are a few tips you can follow so that you choose the right name for your boat without looking back with any regrets.

Keep it Short

Boat names should be kept brief, so you'll want to aim for no more than three words.  In fact, it is mostly common for boat names to only be one or two words long.  You'll want your boat name to be easy enough to fit on the side of your boat, but also easy to read off if you need to communicate with others using the radio broadcast.

Consider Honoring Loved Ones

Many people name their boat after their true loves, which is why you'll hear many boats named after women.  Fishermen used to name their boats after women they loved or admired.  You can consider following in this tradition and honoring your loved one by naming your boat after them as well.  People names always make for memorable boat names.

Be Witty

Many boats names contain a play on words or a pun that is fitting for your lifestyle.  Consider the purpose of your boat and think of phrases that you can play off of in order to come up with a witty boat name.  Firefighters may name their fishing boat "Hook and Ladder" because it relates to their lifestyle and career path.

Choice Something Entertaining

People are always curious what other boats are named, so when they drive past you and notice an entertaining name on the side of your boat, they'll be prompted to smile and laugh.  When you choose an entertaining boat name, you help to make other people entertained and happy when they see or hear that name.  

Consider Favorites

Many people also name their boat after their favorite movies, songs, or hobbies.  Choosing to reference pop culture can be a fun way to play off certain phrases and keep your name easily recognizable.  It also allows us to understand a little more about you and your boat.

By following these tips, you'll choose the right name for your boat.  This is important, since this name will stick with you and define the feelings associated with your boat for many years to come.  Many types of boats, from sailboats to power boats in Sanford, FL, all have their own personalities and deserve to have a suitable and fitting name.  If you are looking to become a boat owner, contact Velocity Power Boats to hear about their selection today.