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Five Tips for Cleaning Your Boat

Five Tips for Cleaning Your Boat

Five Tips for Cleaning Your Boat

As a boat owner, you likely love spending your time on the water, enjoying the fresh breeze and the salty air on your skin.  You may not enjoy spending your time maintaining and cleaning the boat, but this is necessity for its care and maintenance.  When you clean your boat on a routine basis, you should work on following a routine.  Our power boats in Sanford, FL are easy to clean when you follow this specific regimen.

Floor Maintenance

Every month, you should take soapy water and scrub the flooring.  This will remove any of the dirt and salt that can deteriorate the teak over time.  By removing these issues, you can keep the floor in great shape.  This is an easy cleaning task that you can do even when you are anchored in the middle of the water.  For a deeper clean, take your time using a special teak cleaner.

Canvas Cleaning

Many boats have canvas-covered seats that are comfortable and weather-resistant.  These canvas seats will also need to be cleaned using a light soap and a gentle scrub brush.  When you are cleaning the canvas, be sure to rinse the area well to remove all the soap.  If you need to remove tougher stains, you can use some bleach or baking soda on the cushions.

Cleaning the Engine

Many boats have engines that hang off the back of their boat or rest on the deck on the back of the boat, making this equipment easy to clean.  Although many people can clean their engine on their own, some will trust the boat cleaning professionals to take care of this job for them.  Take your time to wax the exterior and cowl of your engine and wash them down with soap and water after frequent usage.

Fiberglass Cleaning

When you look out at the ocean, you do not want to see smudges in the glass.  Not only does this create eyesores, but it also creates a safety hazard if it obstructs your view.  Take the time to use gentle glass cleaner on your fiberglass to remove any blemishes, dirt, and smudges on your glass.  Pay attention to the type of cleaners that you are using on any of your boat surfaces to prevent damages during the cleaning process.

Interior Cleaning

Many boats are equipped with carpeted floors and vinyl surfaces on the inside of the boat.  Take your time to vacuum the carpet after usage, and wipe down the vinyl with gentle cleansers.  When you clean the inside of your boat, make sure that you keep the area well-ventilated to prevent any breathing issues.

These are a few of the cleaning tasks that you will want to do on a routine basis to clean your boat and keep it in optimal shape.  When you own our power boats in Sanford, FL, you want to enjoy the boat for as long as possible and keep it clean and cared for.  Contact us to hear about our power boat options for your needs and lifestyle today.