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Why You Should Choose a Powerboat Over a Sailboat

Why You Should Choose a Powerboat Over a Sailboat

Why You Should Choose a Powerboat Over a Sailboat

Deciding between owning a sailboat and owning a powerboat can be a tough choice. Marina costs for both will be likely to be the same depending on their size. And, both will have maintenance expenses related to their motors or other equipment. But, the fundamental differences lie in how you intend to use the boat and what kind of experience you wish to have on the water? Velocity Powerboats is your source for power boats in Sanford FL, and are here to help you navigate becoming a powerboat owner when the time is right.

If you prefer to fish and relax on the water, then a powerboat is the right choice for you. On the other hand, if you would instead feel a sense of pride in navigating the water and weather with your own bare hands, then a sailboat will be more your style.

A powerboat is an ultimate ocean and bay boat that provides excellent transportation for navigating through bays or short to stripping fishing trips into wide-open water. This boat allows you to hop in, turn the key, and go wherever your heart desires when you get the urge.

Benefits of choosing a powerboat over a sailboat

  • Speed

If you feel the need for speed, then a powerboat is the right way to go. A sailboat can never compete with the speed of the dual engines on a powerboat. Most sailboats tend to tap out at seven knots, but powerboats typically travel at speeds around 15 to 20 knots on a calm day.

  • Low clearance.

If you have any bridges between you and your planned destinations, you'll want to get a powerboat. Then there's no need to worry about mast height preventing you from taking the trip you want to take like there is with a sailboat.

  • Space

Powerboats have far more deck space and interior space than a sailboat. There are also many more amenities in a powerboat, including larger cabins and stand-up galleys.

  • Shallow drafts

Powerboats can sit in reasonably shallow waters, where a sailboat is often too heavy to get as close to shore. You can easily dock in those shallow waters with a powerboat, allowing more intimate access to beaches and other waterways.

  • Convenience

Powerboats don't have to rely on the wind for power, so when you want to travel somewhere, you're able to get in and go. However, with sailboats, you must have winds present to have any power of movement.

  • Less training

Sailboats require much more training than powerboat boats. This is because powerboats rely on their engines to overcome almost any environmental factors that may delay or alter a trip. However, once you understand the rules of the water, everything else is pretty simple.

Drawbacks of a powerboat over a sailboat

  • Gas prices

Powerboats are fuel reliant, meaning that they can only go as far as your fuel tank will allow. Unfortunately, fuel tanks will be costly to keep filled with gas prices continually rising. On the other hand, sailboats do not rely on fuel for movement.

  • Motor sound

If you don't like the constant noise of a powerful engine, then the loud motor on a powerboat will be a disadvantage for you. On the other hand, sailboats are generally much quieter.

  • Pricey engines

Whether your powerboat relies on one engine or two, repairing a boat engine is likely to be costly. Like a car, it is essential to set up regular maintenance to keep your engine running smoothly for as long as possible. A sailboat does not require engine repair costs but has other expenses like replacing sails and riggings.

  • Wind handling

Because powerboats have shallower drafts and a higher center of gravity, they don't handle wind as well as sailboats. So taking a trip in windy weather can be less fun and scarier.

Sailboats and powerboats both have advantages and disadvantages. Powerboats are often more convenient and stay at the ready for your water adventures. Our power boats in Sanford FL are prepared to get turned on and take you out for a day full of adventure. Contact us today for more information on how you can become a powerboat owner!