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3 Summer Boating Safety Tips

3 Summer Boating Safety Tips

3 Summer Boating Safety Tips

There is nothing more ideal than spending a lazy afternoon on the water with col spray on your skin, sun rays shining on your face, and wind blowing through your hair. Top that off with some water skiing, swimming, and fishing, and it might just be a dream come true. However, boat safety should never be overlooked during your summer fun. Boating accidents result in property damage, injuries, and even death. However, most boating accidents are preventable with a few standard precautions. Our experts on power boats in Sanford, FL, recommend these summer boating safety tips you need to know:

Drinking and boating never mix

Most boat owners never consider driving a car under the influence of alcohol but will pop open a cold beer while operating their boat. However, drinking while boating is just as hazardous as drinking and driving, results in severe legal consequences, and leads to one-third of recreational boating fatalities annually. Boating while under the influence of alcohol is illegal in every state and can sometimes be a federal crime. Boating under the influence penalties can include the required completion of a boating safety course or alcohol program, financial restitution for damages and injuries you cause, loss of operating privileges, jail time, and expensive fines. Not to mention the insurance ramifications you may experience, like increased premiums or requirements for particular insurance policies. Never risk the safety and well-being of yourself or others by drinking while operating your watercraft!

Always wear your life jacket

It is estimated that people can avoid over 80% of boating fatalities by wearing life jackets. Even when your state only requires life jackets to be accessible, wearing one is wise. If you are surprised by the sudden impact of a boating accident, you may not have the time or clarity of mind to grab your life jacket. Today's life jackets are compact, flexible, and thin for advanced comfort, so there is no good excuse for not wearing one when you are on your boat. Children on your boat need to wear life jackets at all times by order of law. Make sure kids have life jackets designed for their weight range and are fitted snuggly to their frame. In addition, never participate in towed activities like water skiing without wearing your life jacket.

Watch for dangerous weather

You should never take your boat on the water without first checking the local weather forecast to ensure conditions are safe. Keep in mind that weather conditions change quickly, especially in Florida, even when it is nice when you leave the dock. Always bring a radio and be on the lookout for inclement weather while you are on the water. If you notice choppy water, lightning, dark clouds, or sudden wind shifts, go back to the safety of land as quickly as possible.

Follow these tips for safe boating this summer. Drinking and boating, forgetting to wear your life jacket, and boating in dangerous weather are not worth losing your life or the lives of others. Contact us today if you are looking for power boats in Sanford, FL. We want to help you find the boat of your dreams!