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Boat Safety Gear Storage Tips

Boat Safety Gear Storage Tips

Boat Safety Gear Storage Tips

One of the essential aspects of boating that shouldn't be overlooked is safety. To stay safe while boating, you must have the necessary safety gear on board your watercraft. But storing safety gear on a boat can be challenging due to the limited space available. In this blog post, we'll provide some practical boat safety gear storage tips to help you organize and store all the necessary equipment efficiently.

1. Make a Safety Gear Checklist

Before organizing your safety gear, make a checklist of all the items that should be on board. Ensure that you have all the required safety gear on your list. Some of the essential safety equipment a boat should have include fire extinguishers, life jackets, visual distress signals, a first aid kit, light sources, and more, depending on the size of your boat and the waters you'll be traveling. Also, ensure that your safety gear is up-to-date and in good condition.

2. Categorize Your Gear

Once you have your safety gear checklist, categorize the items into groups based on their size and frequency of use, so you can store them in easily accessible spots. For instance, lifejackets can be conveniently stored in a locker or hung on a hook, while the fire extinguisher could be placed in a mount in an easily accessible area. Visual distress signals could be in a watertight case, such as an ammo box, mounted to the boat.

3. Use Space Saving Solutions

Take advantage of hooks, bags, and containers to store your safety gear. Hooks can be used to hang life jackets, while bags and containers help reduce clutter on board. Ensure that you use heavy-duty equipment and create an organized structure inside your boat. Consider using waterproof storage bags to prevent water damage on gear. 

4. Use Under Seat Storage

Many watercraft designs include under-seat storage, providing valuable space for storing safety gear. Consider buying a boat with this extra storage feature or making your own storage compartments beneath the seats. When organizing under-seat storage, keep in mind the need for easy access to your safety gear in times of emergency. 

5. Make Use of Wall Space

Another practical boat safety gear storage tip is to make use of your boat's wall space. Install wall-mounted storage brackets or use adhesive hooks to store your safety gear items. You can also consider packing your safety gear into compact-sized containers that can be stacked on each other. This approach saves space, and you can quickly grab the necessary equipment if the need arises.



Storing safety gear on a boat can be challenging due to limited space, but by following these practical boat safety gear storage tips, you can get it done efficiently. Proper organization and storage will ensure all essential safety gear items are kept within easy reach, which is essential in times of emergency. Remember to make a checklist, categorize your gear, and utilize all available spaces on board. Happy and safe boating! If you're looking for power boats in Sanford, FL, contact Velocity Powerboats today for more information.